For long term health and to ensure good growth, newly planted trees require supplemental water. Depending on the time of year of your install, newly planted evergreen trees may need to be watered up to 3 times per week.

The warranty provided by Living Fences, requires that your trees have supplemental water for the critical first year after installation.


If your yard is equipped with a professionally installed irrigation system this may require your irrigation contractor to re configure spray and drip heads to ensure that each tree has sufficient water.


If you do not have an irrigation system, Living Fences can assist with the installation of a low cost drip-irrigation system adaptable to your garden hose or outside faucet. This system is designed to provide a consistent and uniform application of badly needed supplemental water. Drip emitter heads provide efficient watering directly to the root balls and avoid waste. At the end of the first year you can simply remove the system or keep adding supplemental water on a reduced schedule to really see rapid growth.


Your installation professional will discuss watering options with you at your first appointment.

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