Living Fences guarantees that it will install only #1 grade Living Fence material that is grown by licensed growers and inspected by the State Department of Agriculture. We take great pride in our work, if we wouldn’t have it our house we won’t plant it at yours!


Living Fences offers a conditional one year replacement warranty on all screening trees and plants installed. This warranty covers trees and or shrubs that are irrigated by a professionally installed irrigation system that has been inspected and or installed by Living Fences for a period of 1 year from the date of installation.


For those of our customers who choose not to install an irrigation system but rather enjoy or have the time to diligently hand water your living fence during the dry periods of the growing we make the following pledge: “We at Living Fences will evaluate each circumstance and make every effort to be as fair as possible to resolve you problem”.


At no time shall the warranty cover any plant material that dies as the result of accidents, theft, acts of nature, disabled irrigation systems or neglect. Trees replaced under the warranty shall be of equal value, size and quality as those originally installed.

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